Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glass Class with Kent Lauer

I just completed a 3 day class at AAE Glass ( http://www in Cape Coral,Florida with master glass artist Kent Lauer ( We learned the art if "cold working" - shaping glass without a kiln or torch.

We started by practicing face ting glass on a lap grinder using thick Starfire ultra-clear glass.

Then we did the same using layers of Starfire and dichroic glass. You start with the altered glass, glued together then cured with a UV light.

After 4-5 shapings and polishing - all by hand. - here is the result. Amazing!

Here is a pendant I made...

And my favorite piece from the class - a bracelet.

Unfortunately, you won't find these in my line of jewelry anytime soon. The equipment required is just too pricey at this point. At over $3000 to get setup, I would have to sell an awful lot!

Sorry the photos are not in place. Trying to do this on my IPad and it won't cooperate!


  1. Cool! Great kind of art work it seems doing that kind of art is fun and interesting, so I would like to make my own etched glass. Well done!

  2. Brilliant!, the edges looks like a Frosted Glass. That would be nice decor and jewel piece.

  3. Yes, I didn't polish those edges, so they do look etched.

  4. Gorgeous jewelry! Btw, thank you so fairy much for the sweet compliment on my blog last week.

    ♥ aquariann
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  5. Im learning a lot. This will be a good start.

    new providence

  6. Beautiful! I so want to learn this. Is the half moon shape done on the lap grinder as well? Or is it cut with saw? Beautiful work.

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