Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Glass Class with Kent Lauer

I just completed a 3 day class at AAE Glass ( http://www in Cape Coral,Florida with master glass artist Kent Lauer ( We learned the art if "cold working" - shaping glass without a kiln or torch.

We started by practicing face ting glass on a lap grinder using thick Starfire ultra-clear glass.

Then we did the same using layers of Starfire and dichroic glass. You start with the altered glass, glued together then cured with a UV light.

After 4-5 shapings and polishing - all by hand. - here is the result. Amazing!

Here is a pendant I made...

And my favorite piece from the class - a bracelet.

Unfortunately, you won't find these in my line of jewelry anytime soon. The equipment required is just too pricey at this point. At over $3000 to get setup, I would have to sell an awful lot!

Sorry the photos are not in place. Trying to do this on my IPad and it won't cooperate!